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Amplify The Majesty Of Your Salon With Exclusive List of Salon Furniture

Amplify The Majesty Of Your Salon With Exclusive List of Salon Furniture

Amplify The Majesty Of Your Salon With Exclusive List of Salon Furniture

Leveraging the benefits from a newly set up beauty salon is indeed a hassle. A wrong selection be it in terms of Beauty Salon Furniture or interiors can make it difficult for you to get the value for money. There are very few stores that offer premium products of high quality at an affordable price.

If you are in search of one such professional provider, you have landed on the right page. We are your one-stop-shop for buying astounding beauty salon products that meet the trends and keeps you abreast.

We understand that buying the equipment and furniture is one of your most significant expenses and investment, and it would be difficult for you to get convinced about our products. But do not worry, we have covered you all. Here is the list of furniture and items that will allow you to have a contemporary yet timeless and stylish look of your salon. Do you wish to find out which are they? Go on reading the next section.

List of Salon Furniture

Beauty Salon Chair:
Your client is here to pamper themselves, and they definitely can not handle the slightest of discomfort while being treated. And when it comes to the beauty salon chairs, they lookout for a chair option that has adjustable armrest, and the cushion over the seat should be adaptable to them. Here is our collection of salon chairs of different types and for various treatments.

Circle Seat with Backrest:
This one is a uniquely designed stool that has an oval-shaped backrest and a flat round seat, ensuring maximum comfort. Additionally, the seat height is adjustable because of the gas-lift. It is available in three trending colours: white, black, and green.

Magnum Styling Chair:
Along with getting the new look, customers also want to feel the new look. They want a satisfying hair-dressing service not just in terms of hair cuts and styles but also in terms of comfort and functionality. A perfect hair-dressing chair can create the right magic. It looks stylish, trendy and offers utmost comfort to the client.

Styling Chair

While the customer is getting the treatment, it keeps them relaxed. This chair type comes in two options, one with a circular base and another with the square base. With Magnum Styling Chair, you can select the fabric from the REM fabric range or even mix and match the fabric colour that suits your salon interiors.

An optional protective chair back cover is also available for styling up the chair if required. The chair offers a hydraulic base, and the material is available in a pool of colour options. You should rest assured in terms of quality.

Statesman Barber Chairs:
Your search for getting a perfect barbered chair ends here. This chair option is from a British company REM which offers exclusive features like a lockable hydraulic base, full back reclination, fixed footrest, and an adjustable headrest.

REM-Centenary Chair:
Customer’s main motive is to release the fatigue ness from the tired feet. Simple yet highly functional REM designed Centenary chair facilitates adjustable footrest & has a retractable tap with a whirlpool motor, porcelain basin and more. The stunning swivel seat with class-apart fabric and laminated colours make this one the most favourite pedicure chairs amongst all.

The chair has all the accessories that are necessary to carry out a warm and effective pedicure treatment.

Circle Seat with BackRest:
For manicure treatment, it is important that the nail technician as well as the customer, both feel comfortable. The stool should be practical as well as flexible on which the customer adjusts themselves during the long treatment hours. This manicure stool has a gas lift which makes it possible for the customer to adjust the height accordingly.

Circle Seat with backrest is an extremely high-quality stool available in three vibrant colours, white, black, and green. The stool looks stylist ensuring maximum comfort. Are you excited to find one for your new salon?

TEMPO-4 Motor Clinic Couch:
Customers come to the salon to relax themselves from the daily humdrum. And for that relaxation, it is the salon owner’s duty to create the right ambience and offer a comfortable salon experience. This high-end beauty salon couch not only offers the beautification but ensures that the treatment is performed flawlessly without major adjustments.

The headrest is adjustable, and the armrest can be reclined, which makes it the most comfortable couch on the list. The chair can be swivelled, and the locking system is also of high quality. This modern electric couch comes in white colour only, and the white PU upholstery facilitates easy cleaning of the same.

PJS-Troch-Ultimate Spa Couch:
What more you need in an electric beauty couch that allows you to adjust the height, backrest, footrest and the bed inclination? This beauty salon couches has a face hole and a concealed base which is best suitable for a spa treatment. It has a single-block mattress with a breather hole. The base is made up of metal, and the accessories are flexible.

Accessories like a pillow and armrest can easily be removed from the electric spa couch, and it comes in two different colours. An added per, no manual efforts are to be applied, just press the button and make the adjustments.

Tattoo equipment:
Tattoo designing is, indeed, a curious task. As a tattoo artist, you need to make the process as much hygiene and comfortable as it can be. People approach a tattoo salon to express themselves in the form of a design and get themselves inked. To ensure that your client gets the expected tattoo experience, it is necessary for you to purchase some high-quality tattoo equipment without compromising on safety and comfort. Here is our list of Tattoo salon equipment.

Magnifying lamp in black;
Tattuk rest;
Tattoo artist work station;
Samson Elite Tattoo Couch;
Professional salon trolley;
Luxury Glass trolley with drawer and many more.

For making a tattoo, every nitty-gritty requirement has to be fulfilled to ensure the designing process is smoothly carried out without any hassle. Remember, tattoo furniture is an essential investment for your salon.

Salon as a concept looks incomplete without a Salon Trolleys. Be it a hairdressing treatment, or a makeup application or be it any luxurious spa, your staff would need a salon trolley that can hold all the rudimentary elements required for the treatment.

Our trolleys are specially designed with a unique style that can fit into any of the salon interiors. With the flexible wheels, it can be moved comfortably inside the salon with ease. We have some exclusively designed wooden trolley that brings in the warmth and gives an inviting look to the salon.

Our extensive range of salon trolleys cover the following types:

Studio trolley;
Spin trolley;
Luxury glass trolley;
Luxury glass trolley with a drawer;
Stainless steel trolley;
Professional salon trolley;
Stadium trolley;
2 tier Safe trolley.

These are the quintessential salon trolleys for extraordinary salon services. From our end, we make sure that the trolleys are smudge-free and without any blemishes.

There are a lot of accessories and tools that you will need to make your salon a successful one. However, at PJS, we ensure that the most comfortable, flexible, high-quality, and robust professional salon furniture reaches our client’s desk.

We have many sleek and incredible designs that will enhance the professional look of the salon, making it look more sophisticated than ever before. We supply every professional salon equipment coming under the salon umbrella and always wish to amplify the salon experience of the client.

If you buy from us, we assure you that you will never regret the purchasing decision. The gorgeous colour options will only add on to your salon’s vibrancy. Please keep shopping from us!

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